Integrating Propel with the Zend Framework

Title: Integrating Propel with the Zend Framework
Category: Zend Framework and Third Party Technologies / Using with other technologies
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Added on: Jan 5, 2007
It is very easy to integrate other tools and components into the Zend Framework. I have already shown, how to integrate Smarty as a template engine and the ez Components to expand the selection of useful components to build your own framework based on the Zend Framework. Since the Zend Framework is currently (Preview Version 0.1.3) lacking an ORM-Layer (Object Relational Mapping), I want to show you how to integrate Propel. Propel allows you to access your database using a set of objects, providing a simple API for storing and querying data. So Propel can easily take over the model part in a MVC system. For detailled information on Propel, its dependencies on Phing and Creole and how to install it please refer to the Propel website and the User guide.
Zend Framework Version: 0.1.3
Author: Ralf Eggert