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Yet more Zend Framework -related material. I've talked with a few people about using Zend_Acl and how to best approach the issue of resources, roles and users. It isn't immediately obvious how one should do this: - Create roles and resources in code? - Load them from a database?
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This is split from this thread with the goal to talk though the design concepts and tradeoffs necessary to build an application using the Zend Framework. I believe that it was dreamscape that suggested that implementing the Java Pet Store might be a good idea.
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In this tutorial, a tiny demo application will be constructed to highlight key features of the Zend Framework and demonstrate how its components could be integrated and used together. Although the demo application is not intended for production use, the working application provides a simple skeleton for building Zend Framework applications. Even advanced PHP developers may find some parts of the demo enlightening to see how the Zend Framework might differ from other frameworks in its use and application of design patterns and components providing popular functionality.
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Excellent presentation of Zend Framework made at BostonPHP Framework Presentations. There are available presentation slides and also a podcast available with entire presentation.
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The Zend Framework 1.9 release added a new feature - Zend_Rest_Controller. Zend_Rest_Controller and Zend_Rest_Route classes go hand in hand. In the previous versions of the Zend Framework, we have had the Zend_Rest_Server component. We still have. Since Z
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Authorization using Zend_Auth, "remember me" feature and initialization of a session length (time pending which a user is logged in) will be considered.
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With web applications written using PHP, a session represents a logical, one-to-one connection between server-side, persistent state data and a particular user agent client (e.g. web browser). Zend_Session helps manage and preserve session data, a logical complement of cookie data, across multiple page requests by the same client. Unlike cookie data, session data is not stored on the client side, and it is only shared with the client when server-side source code makes the data available via a response to a request from the client. For the purposes of this component and documentation, session data refers to the server-side data managed by Zend_Session.
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This chapter explains how to create a storefront on your website using the Zend Framework. You will learn to implement a shopping cart which will allow the users of your website to select products edit and delete items.
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1.0.0 Compatible. A basic application layer to sit on top of the framework to make it easy to be able to quickly jump into development. Includes: a modularized component structure; main application controls, logging and configuration; graceful Smarty template integration; basic content structures controls with search engine friendly URLs; and class autoloading and easy deployment capability.
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en: This tutorial was made on the base of most popular article in this kind : Rob Allen's "Getting Started with the Zend Framework". Language of this tutorial is Polish. in this tutorial we create simple but complete application using Zend Framework MVC structure and libraries. pl: Ten samouczek powstał na bazie jednego z najlepszych artykółów tej tematyki : "Getting Started with the Zend Framework" autorstwa Roba Allena. Znajduje się w nim sporo dodatkowych komentarzy i wyjasnień. Samouczek jest w języku polskim. W artykule tym tworzymy prostą ,acz kompletną aplikację napisaną z wykorzystaniem Zend Framework.
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